Fat Loss Programs

Any of the following programs can be used for fat loss. Each program comes with a diet and workout program, along with a ton of other valuable content. All the workouts are to be done in a gym, besides Bodyweight Mastery, which can be done at home.

  • Warrior Shredding Program: The goal with our best-selling Warrior Shredding Program is to lose fat at a consistent, sustainable pace while gaining strength and muscle at the same time.
  • Aggressive Fat Loss: The goal with Aggressive Fat Loss is to lose fat at an aggressive pace, with muscle and strength gain being a lower priority. 
  • Bodyweight Mastery Program: This program is solely focused on progressively improving bodyweight movements. By the end of this program, you will be capable of doing advanced bodyweight movements. 
  • Goddess Toning Program: With his female-focused program, you can choose to focus on fat loss or muscle building, and the movements are more catered to building an ideal female body.

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