Lifestyle Programs

Any of the following programs can be used to improve your lifestyle:

  • Kinobody Style Guide: Building an incredible body is not always enough. If you want to know how to dress to compliment the body you're building, then the Kinobody Style Guide is perfect for you. 
  • 10 Rules of Intermittent Fasting: Learn the top 10 greatest tips to make intermittent fasting as enjoyable and sustainable as possible. 
  • Kinochef: Learn how to cook meals daily that are optimized for the ideal protein, carbs, and fat ratio. 
  • Cardio Abs & Mobility: Do you like to be active on your rest days? Then Cardio Abs & Mobility is perfect for you to learn how to light cardio, abs, & mobility work without being worn out for your main workout days. 

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