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Kinobody Hacking Series (Digital Access)

    Take Your Physique And Strength To The Next Level With The Advanced Greek God Training Program

    No question about it, the Greek God Program is one of the most amazing routines to pack on dense muscle proportionately, and build some seriously godlike strength.

    Ive went through the Greek God Program multiple times, and experienced quite dramatic results.

    That said, there comes a time when you have milked everything out of the program.

    There comes a point in time, where you no longer see the strength and muscle gains that you are after.

    The reason for this is simple:

    The Greek God program is designed to elicit the fastest results in relatively beginner and intermediate lifters.

    Make no mistake, it can work well for advanced lifters if they are completely new to it - but once youve gone through the program, its hard to make those same type of strength and muscle gains.

    And that's why...

    Over The Last Year, Ive Been Covertly Working On An Updated Version Of The Greek God Program For My Students...

    A new program that expands on the principles and strategies in the Greek God Program that will allow you to take the gains youve made from that program and supercharge them.

    The result is what I call...

    TheAdvanced Greek God Program

    The Advanced Greek God Program is both a full training and nutrition program as well as the next logical step to completing the original Greek God Program.

    Myself and a small group of people have been testing this Advanced program out the last several months... And safe to say: it works incredibly well.

    So What's New?

    The Advanced Greek God Program includes more exercise variety and training protocols to keep you from plateauing and burning out.

    The workout routines are completely different and 100% downright effective.

    In this program, I've put together a completely new version of the Strength and Density Program for you to follow called the Advanced Strength & Density routine. (This should be completed for a total of 8 weeks.)

    Also included is a unique Advanced Lean Bulking Protocol.During this phase, our primary key movements will include:

    • incline dumbbell press

    • seated dumbbell shoulder presses

    • weighted sternum pull-ups

    • Bulgarian split squats

    • rack pulls

    As well - since you are Advanced - I have updated the reverse pyramid training protocol to make it more effective for producing strength gains and avoiding central nervous system burnout, along with a new strategy for handling plateaus in case you stall out before finishing the new phase.

    You're also getting a brand-new exercise rotation strategy, so you can continue building a muscle group, even if you stall on your primary exercise, along withsome supplement protocols that may prove helpful.

    (These are not necessary, but if you don't mind spending a little extra cash it can help.)

    The Benefits Of Doing This Program

    To summarize, here are the amazing benefits of doing this program:

    1.) It's f
    un as heck.
    It can get tiring and repetitive to be following the exact same workout routines, week after week, month after month. Changing the program can make working out a heck of a lot more fun.

    2.) No more plateaus.
    Doing the same routine, will eventually cause you to plateau. Your lifts get stuck, your muscles stop growing. This routine is designed to push you further than you have ever gone. More strength and more dense hard muscle.

    Achieve the "Shrink Wrap Effect".
    Ill be teaching you a new strategy called the double up method. This is where we strategically boost training volume after every 8 weeks. This will give your muscles a fuller and shrink wrapped effect. Its freaking amazing

    4.) Incredible leg strength and development.
    In the Advanced Greek God Program, I have made the leg training absolutely brilliant. The original program is a little light on leg training. This new program will develop the perfect-sized legs that are strong and athletic. You will improve your muscular proportion. You will be far stronger overall and more capable than ever before. As well, we are really hitting the exercises designed to give your legs an aesthetic and proportionate look (without creating excess size)

    5) Brand-New Protocols you can follow for months.
    In this program Im going to share some new protocols and supplements Ive been using to experience a little boost in gains. This is the perfect time to start doing a supplement protocol to give you that little edge and see more strength and more muscle growth.

    6) A complete, Bad Ass Roadmap.
    Ive even created a bad ass road map that will allow you to experience dramatic gains on these workouts for up to 8 months
    . Pretty awesome, huh?

    What Our Beta Testers Have To Say About This Program

    "I've been running this approx. 2 weeks now. One thing I like is the rehashing of diet, and things of that nature to preface the workout portion. It's very clear and concise, and sometimes I think the OG GGP lacks in being as clear to newbies as the Advanced GGP is.

    The exercise selection greg has chosen for this expansion is impeccable. Without going too into detail, the different phases provided gives your body several different stimulus for a set number of weeks. This is good for giving your muscle more reasons to grow or get stronger and also acts as a way to periodize your training which keeps you progressing that much longer. There's of course low and high volume, which is ideal for adding both strength and size gains.

    It also comes with a very very clear exercise arsenal that gives you examples of what to switch to when you plateau, which I noticed was a big issue with majority of newer lifters who hit a wall around 4-6 weeks in on a couple exercises, or exercises that simply didn't work for that person.

    All in all, this program is built upon a great balance of both lower and upper body stimulus, as well as periodized for linear progression quite well. This will be a game changer for those who have surpassed the great strength standards for GGP and want to add more intensity, more exercise selection, and most importantly - helping give your body something novel, which can be enough to grow and get stronger at an expedited rate.

    10/10 Definitely Recommend."

    - Josh P.

    How To Join The Advanced Greek God Program

    Just hit the button below to join this program. Ive spent over a year, testing out different strategies and splits and protocols and have come out with my best program yet for advanced lifters.

    You can join for a small, one-time investment today and join me as I follow this very program alongside you.

    I cant wait to see your results!

    Master Your Key Lifts and Break Through Strength Plateaus With The Kinobody Hacking Series

    Whether you are cutting or bulking, chances are at some point you will hit a strength plateau. This is inevitable, and sometimes a strategic approach is required to break through that plateau. 

    This is why I created the Kinobody Hacking Series. I wanted to give people a way to master the three most important lifts that contributing to building the iconic Hollywood Physique.

    These three lifts are the incline bench, standing press, and weight pull-ups.

    In this digital program, I will teach you how to master each one of these lifts and how to break through plateaus for each with ease.