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Kinobody Fractional Plates for Microloading (Set of Two)

MicroLoading is an incredibly effective strategy to increase weights on a lift more gradually, leading to more longer-term progress. That's where our 1.25-lb Kinobody micro plates come in. Since most gyms only stock 2.5-lb plates at a minimum, use these 1.25-lb fractional micro plates to add weight to the bar in smaller increments so you can still progress every single workout.

Key Features:

-- Increase the weight by 2.5 lbs on any exercise and build more muscle and strength faster. By pushing to move more weight every workout, the body will do what it must to meet the demands placed on it. Your muscles will have no choice but to grow in size and strength.

-- Progressive overload should be used at all levels of conditioning. Beginners need it to progress faster, intermediate lifters need it to stay motivated and keep pushing forward and experts need it to break through plateaus to achieve greater success.

-- These fractional plates are built to last you a lifetime, chrome finished steel for toughness and durabilitywith "Kinobody" embedded into each plate.

What You Get:

-- A Set of Two Fractional Microloading Weight Plates:  1.25 lbs each (designed for standard 2" diameter Olympic bars at any gym.)

-- Optimally designed at the selected weight for achieving personal records with progressive overload training.

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