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Kino-Vision Daytime Blue Light Blocking Glasses (Heritage)

KinoVision Blue Light Blocking Glasses are stylish, daily-use glasses that help protect your eyes from exposure to blue light. Designed to stand up to the wear and tear of daily life, these glasses have a lightweight and flexible design with a shatter-resistant frame that helps protect the blue light blocking lens.

New Daily-Use KinoVision Glasses Help Protect Your Eyes From Exposure To Toxic Blue Light

Your Sleep, Vision, Hormones, Fat Loss, and Energy Are All Suffering Because Of Constant Exposure To Blue Light Emitted From Electronics & Lightbulbs.

It wasn’t until the last decade or two that we’ve made a deliberate (nasty) habit out of constantly exposing ourselves to excessive levels of blue light radiating out of our laptops, iPads, smartphones, and energy-efficient light bulbs - all potent sources of this “toxic” light wavelength.

This constant exposure takes a major toll on the human body, from deteriorating vision, to hormonal imbalance, to poor ability to fall - and stay asleep - due to the insidious shifting of natural circadian rhythms, constant blue light exposure puts the body into a state of stress, and declining health is the result.

According to a recent publication by Harvard Medical School, blue light exposure, especially at night, suppresses natural melatonin production twice as much as light on other wavelengths, such as green light.

What's more, blue light massively interfered with circadian rhythms by shifting an average of three hours!

(Imagine not being able to fall asleep for 3 hours after you lay down in bed for the night...)

The Benefits Of Blocking Blue Light

- Sleep more soundly, and fall asleep faster
- Prevent damage to the DHA essential fat in your retinal pigmented epithelium
- Improve metabolism (increase efficiency of mitochondria production)
- Elevate your mood
- Burn more fat through improved metabolic function and hormonal balance via sleep
- Boost Energy naturally
- Increase night time secretion of Testosterone and Growth Hormone
- Lower stress hormones naturally
- Improve focus & mental clarity
- Increase visual acuity and sharpness