Kinobody Octane Pre-Workout

Octane is the only pre-workout that enhances your entire exercise experience, from your ability to do more in the gym and trigger better muscle gains, to your ability to recover from all the work you do and come back to the next workout stronger than before.

By taking Octane before a workout, you support:
  • Improved Performance & Energy
  • More Consistent Strength Gain
  • Increased Stamina & Endurance
  • Better Recovery
  • No Post-Workout Crash

Octane Watermelon Ingredients

The ingredients above are for our most popular flavor, Watermelon. Every flavor differs in ingredients slightly to account for the different flavoring. If you want to know the ingredients for each flavor, clicks on the links below.

Octane Orange Ingredients

Octane Watermelon Ingredients

Octane Grape Ingredients

Octane Kino Colada Ingredients

Octane Lemonade Ingredients

To get the benefits of Octane, we recommend taking one serving before each workout. Each serving of Octane has 150mg of caffeine. If you have a high caffeine tolerance, take two servings.

1. Can you take Octane fasted? 
Absolutely. Octane is zero calories and will not break your fast. It can also act as a coffee substitution.

2. Should you only take Octane for the gym?
This is entirely up to you. Octane was created primarily for the gym, but can be used as a coffee substitution, an energy drink, or even an afternoon pick-me-up. 

3. Is Octane made with stevia?
Yes. Octane only has all-natural & research-backed ingredients & sweeteners.

4. What are the most popular flavors of Octane?
Kino Colada, Watermelon, and Grape

5. What are all the ingredients?
Natural Caffeine, L-Citrulline, L-Theanine, Thiamin, Biotin, Sodium, Potassium, and Eleutherococcus.

6. How long does it take for Octane to ship?
All orders are sent out the day of or day after purchase. For the US it can take 4-10 days to arrive. For International, it can take 10-30 days

7. Can women use Octane?
Absolutely. Anyone can!

8. Can Octane be taken with Gains or Aminos?
Absolutely! In fact, this is easily the best pre-workout stack in the game.

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Shaun B.
United States


Gives me a nice clean energy and quick recovery between lifts! Works exactly how it's advertised.

United States

Great effects, but not great taste

I love the way the octane works, but it doesn’t have a great taste. Only smells like watermelon, but doesn’t have watermelon taste. I just feel like I’m drinking a bunch of supplements mixed together

Thomas F.
United States

Best pre workout

I have tried many pre workouts and nothing comes close! This stuff is truly amazing!

Eric Johnson

Try Lemonade

Love this flavor. For all natural, it tastes amazing

Irwin V.
United States


Clean smooth energy!

Tired Of Stimulant-Laced Pre-Workout Powders That Make You Feel Like You’re On “Speed?” This New Combination Of Natural Ingredients Demonstrates Massive Boost In Strength Gains, Energy, and Muscular Stamina

Pre-Workout supplements are the favorite pre-training ritual of millions of men & women every single day. Chances are, you’ve used pre-workout at some point in your life, if not regularly. So why, with such a common supplement, are we still left with the same limited choices of pre-workout formulas that make us feel sick and tired after we use them - and DRAINED after our workout?

Despite the widespread use, most people report feelings of nausea, upset stomach, jitters, energy crashes, and increased fatigue after using mainstream pre-workout formulas.

This is due to lack of innovation in formulation, coupled with the big supplement companies' heavy reliance on using high-doses of stimulants, sugar and chemical sweeteners, and synthetic ingredients that keep your body in a state of fight-or-flight far after the workout is over…

...All of which leads to the well-known “crash” afterwards, and fueling an addiction-conditioning cycle where your workout performance is completely reliant upon whether or not you take that pre-workout stimulant before your training session.

It's time for your pre-workout to evolve...

It’s time for a superior formulation that works with your body to increase pure ATP production, boost stamina & endurance, and leave you feeling refreshed after training - not drained and lethargic.

Introducing: Kinobody OCTANE.

8 Powerful Energy-Boosting Ingredients In Every Serving Of Kino OCTANE

This isn’t just another "me-too" pre-workout supplement like everyone else, loaded with synthetic ingredients, chemical sweeteners, and laced with high doses of dangerous stimulants that will leave you feeling drained and sick after your workout.

OCTANE stands head and shoulders above all other products on the market because we provide the most effective and well-researched ingredients in their most bio-available (digestible) form.

With 3 important nutrient blends - the Metabolic Acceleration Blend, the Neural Alignment Blend, and the Electrolyte Primer Blend - OCTANE is the only pre-workout that enhances your entire exercise experience, from your ability to do more in the gym and trigger better muscle gains, to your ability to recover from all the work you do and come back to the next workout stronger than before.

Let's look at what's inside every serving of OCTANE...

Clear Lactic Acid Faster Than Ever and Recover Quickly Between Sets By Decreasing Metabolic Stress Within Seconds...

As you continue to increase your strength in the gym, lactic acid clearance and faster recovery times is paramount to your success. The key factor for improving these factors is to utilize strategic natural ingredients like L-Citrulline, Ginseng, and Thiamine which have been proven to decrease the workout-crippling metabolic stressors, while actually improving your energy mid-workout, giving you the boost you need to hit PR's week after week.

Whenever you exercise, metabolic stress is placed on your body in the form of increased production of waste by-products like lactic acid and ammonia.(1,2,3)

You’re probably familiar with lactic acid, which causes the “burning sensation” in your muscles and prevents you from getting those final few reps that are so important for muscle growth. Ammonia, on the other hand, is produced when your body breaks down the protein in your muscles. These by-products take time to clear out of your system and contribute to fatigue and reduce your ability to use oxygen and produce energy.(4,5)

Not only that, but the longer they hang around, the slower your recovery is after the training session. Therefore, one of the main goals we wanted to focus on was enhancing your body’s metabolic capacity to handle these by-products to not only improve energy production and blood flow to your muscles (ie. the “pump”) during the workout, but also to enhance your recovery from the session after the workout.

That’s exactly what The Metabolic Activation Blend focuses on, by supplying key nutrients that enable your cells to produce more energy in a healthier way, and assist your body in clearing out the harmful by-products.

Here’s what’s in The Metabolic Activation Blend:

THIAMINE (100mg)
Thiamine, also known as vitamin B1, is crucial for your oxidative metabolism and is powerful for reducing your lactic acid and ammonia production.(6-12)

Because higher doses of this water-soluble vitamin stimulate the oxidative metabolism so well, it helps your cells produce more energy in a healthier way, resulting in less fatigue during the workout session.(13,14)

All of this is because thiamine helps your cells utilize glucose (carbohydrate) better, resulting in more energy and a better metabolic profile, which keeps your body functioning better during and after the workout.(13,15,16,17)

We chose a dosage of 100 mg, which is the dose used in most research studies.

L-CITRULLINE (6,000mg)
L-Citrulline is an amino acid that has a powerful effect on increasing blood levels of nitric oxide (NO), which relaxes blood vessels and allows more blood flow to working muscles (the coveted “pump”).(18,19,20,21)

However, l-citrulline has another, lesser-known role: Reducing ammonia levels by stimulating the urea cycle (in fact, this is how it increases NO levels as well, by sparing the amino acid L-arginine).(22,23)

Since ammonia causes fatigue and decreases your cells’ ability to produce energy efficiently, L-citrulline has naturally been found to increase the number of reps you can perform, decrease your fatigue during the training session, and reduce how hard the workout feels (the “Rating of Perceived Exertion”, or “RPE” for short).(24-28)

This amino acid is so powerful that we included 6 grams of L-citrulline - the highest amount we could legally put into it.

BIOTIN (300 mcg)
Similar to thiamine, biotin (vitamin B7) plays an important role in healthy energy production, and similar to L-citrulline, it helps to clear out ammonia levels in your body.(29,30)

But not only does biotin add to the lactic acid-reducing and ammonia-reducing power of thiamine and L-citrulline, but it has also been shown to greatly enhance insulin sensitivity, even reversing type 2 diabetes in some studies.(31,32,33,34)

Because of this, adding biotin ensures that you not only get those powerful metabolic effects, but that you make better use of the carbs in your post-workout meal, aiding in even faster recovery from the workout session.

SIBERIAN GINSENG (Eleutherococcus Senticosus Root Extract) (300 mg)
While the other ingredients play a role in helping your body remove the harmful by-products created for exercise, Siberian Ginseng helps prevent them from being created in the first place by increasing your cells’ use of oxygen.(35,36)

And because your cells are also able to produce energy through better metabolic pathways, this also leads to an increase in work capacity and total work output, meaning you can workout harder, for longer.

Not only that, Siberian Ginseng has shown some very promising effects for increasing mental function, improving blood lipids, decreasing oxidative stress, and enhancing immunity, helping improve your health and recovery on many levels.(37-40)

Strategic Natural Compounds Force Your Neurons To Fire Faster, Activating Muscle Fibers To Recruit More Energy For Maximal Force Production

The success or failure of your workout depends entirely upon your body's ability to fire neurons to recruit your muscle fibers for the task at hand... lifting heavier weight.

Your output in the gym relies on the ability of your central nervous system (CNS) to signal your muscles to fire. Studies have even shown that when external electricity was used to cause a muscle to contract, fatigued muscles were still able to contract just as hard as fresh muscles, indicating that the nervous system was the factor that lead to decreases in strength.(35,36)

So if you want to have the most productive training session possible when you step foot in the gym, you want to make sure your nervous system is ready to fire on all cylinders.

That’s exactly what the Neural Alignment Blend does…

Here’s what’s in it:

CAFFEINE (150 mg) & L-THEANINE (100 mg)
Caffeine is one of the most well-studied compounds on increasing exercise performance and nervous system function.

These studies show an increase in reps performed, better strength-endurance, a lower rating of perceived exertion, an increase in time to fatigue, and many other ergogenic benefits.(37-53)

It works by binding to adenosine receptors, blocking the action that adenosine would normally have on inhibiting neural function and causing feelings of fatigue and tiredness. By blocking these receptors, you allow your nervous system to increase it’s output and allow your muscles to contract harder and lift more weight, and many studies support the fact that caffeine works by increasing activation of the nervous system.(54,55) 

Caffeine has even been shown to help improve T levels and increase fat loss.(56,57) This alone is a great way to boost your workout quality, but by adding L-theanine, we can add a significant advantage.

Specifically, L-theanine smooths out the “jitters” that caffeine can cause, while allowing the increased energy and alertness to persist. In essence, you get a smooth, steady energy that allows you to focus and attack your workout with determination.

Studies have shown that the combination of caffeine and L-theanine delivers many benefits, including increased fat loss and improved brain function / cognition.(58,59,60,61) But L-theanine has many other benefits for after the training session, including improved restoration of immune function, decreased fatigue, and enhanced mental regeneration.(62-68)

Since many Kinobody followers drink plenty of coffee through the day, we wanted to find the right dose to give a boost before your workout, without overdoing the caffeine. We found 150 mg of caffeine and 100 mg of L-theanine to be the sweet spot for relaxed focus and energy during your training session.

Quickly Replenish Your Key Electrolyte Minerals To Keep Your Central Nervous System Fully Activated And Firing On All Cylinders

Electrolyte concentrations in the blood have been proven for decades to play a key decisive factor in training performance. Unfortunately, most people are extremely deficient in these key electrolyte minerals, namely magnesium and sodium.

SODIUM (100 mg) & POTASSIUM (100 mg)
During exercise, the electrical salts that your nervous system uses to send signals throughout your body (ie. “electrolytes”) get depleted through increased turnover and loss in sweat.

By including these electrolytes before your workout, you can preempt that loss and prevent the drop in performance that comes from low mineral levels. This is similar to why rehydration beverages like Gatorade help to keep athletes more hydrated and improve performance more than water alone.(74-79)

This will also have the added benefit of preventing a rise in the stress hormone aldosterone, aiding in faster recovery from the workout by maintaining better homeostatic balance.

We Created OCTANE For A Reason...

Kino Nutrition was created as a collaboration between friends and business partners Greg O’Gallagher and Christopher Walker.

One night, as Greg and Chris were in Venice Beach, CA at a restaurant for dinner, they started discussing how messed up the fitness supplements currently available to consumers truly are - especially the pre-workouts.

There were no truly natural, organic options for anyone, especially in a formula that leverages the inherent nutrient-rich content of fruit as the sweetener instead of added sugar or artificial sweeteners. And almost every pre-workout also contained very high doses of stimulants.

“What if we could create a natural pre-workout option, with about the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee, and containing only ingredients that increase natural energy production without stimulating the body’s “fight-or-flight” response,” Greg said.

“And let’s also sweeten it with organic fruit juice,” Chris said.

That night, they agreed to make Kino OCTANE a reality. The idea was born, but that was just the beginning of the hard work involved in formulating, manufacturing, taste-testing, and lab & compliance testing that went into making this dream a reality.

Through all the red tape, Kino OCTANE has emerged victorious.

In fact, they had the distinct advantage of wisdom accumulated through Chris’ years of running his top-notch research-backed nutraceutical company Truth Nutra, along with his Duke University neuroscience degree coupled with Greg’s training wisdom and vision for the exact type of “feeling” and nervous system benefits from this perfect formula.

The combination of both founders’ wisdom and vision has birthed the most well-formulated and effective - and just all-around healthy - natural pre-workout formula available.

No fluff, no extras, no fake ingredients to make it look cool. No flashy hype. Simply the highest quality, most potent combination of all-natural ingredients available anywhere.

100% Research-Backed Ingredients In Every Serving.

The ingredients in OCTANE are all 100% backed by science and research. We share all the research we use to base our formulas on, as well... See for yourself here.