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Kino Sleep is the only all-natural sleep formula that uses a 100% research-backed blend of ingredients that help improve sleep quality, safely boost hormonal function, and put your body into a state of restful balance. Get to sleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling refreshed and recharged with more energy throughout the day with Kino Sleep.

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This is a must try

I could never wake up early enough to work out in the morning before work to save my life. I used to work night shifts as an RN and ever since have a hard time being a morning person. I had no expectations with Kino sleep. I thought maybe it will help me sleep and that's it. I sleep pretty good already and thought I probably don't need it, but what the heck, I said it can't hurt to try it. So I did. I kid you not, I have been waking up at 5 AM sometimes 430, not only physically refreshed, but mentally ready to go like someone had a fire up my bum to go straight to the gym. I feel mentally alert and motivated in the morning and have energy. My husband has been trying to get me to workout with him and now I wake up earlier than he does. He was taking Octane and Amino and now he loves Kino sleep too. This product is nothing short of magic. You've got to try it for yourself and see what it can do for you!!! I thought the Octane was amazing already, but Kino sleep is now my personal favorite. Taste: I love Apple cinnamon. I haven't tried lemon yet. It's so good I look forward to before bedtime just so I can drink it. I drink mine slowly like tea.

United States

My personal favorite!

Kino Adler is an amazing sleep aid, I feel amazing when I wake up and the lucid dreams are wild lol! Apple Cinnamon Kino Seep added to some warm water is the absolute best tasting supplement out of them all! Definitely buying more

Fabian G.
United States

Kino sleep

It’s such a great product this should be illegal

Damian N.

Best sleep in a while

Since using Kino sleep, I am able to sleep longer through the night thus feeling more rested.

Enrique B.
United States

Improved sleep

I definitely get more sleep after using this. It tastes good too.

Fall Asleep Quicker & Stay Asleep Longer and More Restfully with Kino SLEEP, Our 100% Natural Combination Of Herbs and Minerals

Sleep Through The Night For Powerful Recovery, Hormone Boosts, and Massive Energy Every Day...

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine 30-35% of adults experience regular symptoms of insomnia - whether it’s trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep, or lack of sound, fully-relaxing sleep quality - this is extremely troubling!

This statistic highlights the fact that our modern environment and stressful daily schedules will quickly lead to 1 in 3 people not living their daily life up to their full potential due to the low energy, drowsiness, and brain fog, and hormonal imbalance associated with lack of adequate sleep.

Common symptoms of insomnia include:
- Fatigue
- Inability to focus or concentrate
- Poor memory
- Mood disturbance
- Daytime sleepiness
- Low motivation or energy
- Increased errors or accidents

If you’re not sleeping through the night, and not falling asleep within 10 minutes of laying down in bed, then you need to focus quickly on improving your body’s ability to achieve incredible, sound nightly rest and recovery.

One of the biggest issues associated with poor sleep quality is hormonal imbalance. Most people do not realize this, but their terrible sleep habits are actually killing their body’s ability to burn fat, due to a regular rise in excess cortisol (the stress hormone) over time, keeping your body in fight or flight mode constantly, which shuttles resources away from processes like fat metabolism over to more survival-oriented processes.

This is the silent fat loss-killer that nobody ever talks about.

It’s time to take control over your sleep once again.

Kino SLEEP Is The All-Natural Sleep Formula That Safely Boosts Hormonal Function, Increases Energy, and Puts Your Body Into A State Of Restful Balance

Our goal was ambitious: we set out to research and develop an all-natural sleep formula using a combination of proven herbs and minerals that work with the human body to naturally lower stress, and stimulate more peaceful, rejuvenating sleep.

Our intention was to make a formula that actually improves the body’s natural sleep cycles and processes without using any counterproductive ingredients like melatonin.

And we’re happy to announce, that all of our hard work was a success!

Introducing: Kino SLEEP.

Kino Sleep is the only all-natural sleep aid that uses a 100% research-backed formula demonstrating stimulation of greatly improved sleep in men and women, with all ingredients grown and sourced in the United States and manufactured in an FDA approved GMP compliant facility.

Every ingredient in Kino Sleep is proven to aid sleep without contributing to any annoying, or dangerous side effects like melatonin and pharmaceutical sleep aids. All of these ingredients are 100% natural and they will give you the best sleep of your life. 

Let’s take a look at all the Kino Sleep formula ingredients:

The Sleep Induction Blend was created with the specific intention to calm your body and mind, preparing you for sleep and reducing your sleep latency (the time it takes you to enter slumberland).

This blend has the effect of making you feel tired, calm, and relaxed, so you don’t end up lying in bed unable to fall asleep. Instead, you’ll be happily ready to doze off and enjoy those Zzz’s.

Specifically, we found two ingredients that accomplish exactly that:

ASHWAGANDHA (300 mg) -Ashwagandha is an traditional ayurvedic herb that has been used for ages for healing and relaxation.  In fact, it’s technical name is “withania somnifera”, where “somnifera” literally means “sleep-inducer” in Latin.

Ashwagandha has powerful calming and sleep-inducing effects and has many other benefits for hormonal balance, stress reduction, and increased recovery,(1-6) so we included 300 mg of this powerful herb.

LEMON BALM EXTRACT (400 mg) -  Lemon Balm Extract, technically called “Melissa officinalis”, is an herb with powerful relaxant properties. It has also been shown to reduce anxiety and restlessness,(7-11) which makes it a perfect addition for The Sleep Induction Blend, as it will help your body calm down and slow down for sleep.

As an added benefit, it also improves mood and increases cognition,(10,12) helping you fall asleep with a smile on your face and the possibility of awesome dreams.

While the goal of The Sleep Induction Blend is to relax your body and help you fall asleep (while also contributing to improved sleep quality), the Restoration & Recovery Blend focuses on making the most out of your sleep.

Each ingredient in this blend was chosen specifically to help set your body in a state of low stress and high recovery, so that the hours you spend in dreamland are utilized to their maximum potential.

Here’s what’s in The Restoration & Recovery Blend:

L-GLYCINE (2,000 mg) -  L-Glycine is a conditionally essential amino acid that has been recently getting a lot of attention in the science world as an anti-stress, pro-metabolic nutrient.

It’s found in high concentrations in foods like bone broth and gelatin/collagen, which is why these foods are so good for reducing stress and increasing recovery.

It is incredibly protective for cell functioning, decreases inflammation, lowers oxidative stress, improves immune function, prevents muscle loss, protects against endotoxin, and improves mental function.(12-20) The benefits of L-glycine are wide-reaching, and research shows that even though it’s not an essential amino acid, we don’t get enough in our diets for optimal health.(21) More specifically, it’s been shown to improve sleep quality and duration, and even reduce the negative effects of sleep loss the day after a poor night’s sleep.(22,23,24)

We included 2 grams of L-glycine, the highest amount we could include, so you can reap the maximum benefit from this important amino acid.

L-THEANINE (300 mg) - L-Theanine is another amino acid, similar to L-Glycine, that has been shown to have many calming and therapeutic properties for healing. It’s a common nutrient in many teas, which can help explain why certain teas can help improve sleep so well.

It helps to counteract sleep disturbances from caffeine and has been shown to generally counteract the effects of stress that commonly disrupt recuperative sleep.(25-29)

Another interesting effect of L-theanine is its ability to slow your brainwaves, helping your brain more easily shift into deep sleep where the most physical recovery takes place.(25,30)

We included 300 mg of L-theanine in order to deliver these benefits.

MAGNESIUM (200 mg) - Magnesium is one of the critical minerals in your body, and is specifically related to your cells’ ability to relax and move away from the stressed condition.

Magnesium is also one of the most common mineral deficiencies, which can lead to higher states of inflammation, stress, and degradation. Because of this, it’s no surprise that magnesium supplementation has been shown have relaxing properties and to improve sleep quality.(31-34)

High doses of magnesium can cause gastric upset, so we included the perfect amount - 200 mg - to deliver the benefits without any side effects.

Finally, we know that caffeine during the day and before workouts has tons of benefits, but that it can also negatively affect sleep if it’s still in your system at night.

That’s why we wanted to include The Stimulant Removal Factor to help your body clear out excess any caffeine still lingering around come bedtime.

RUTAECARPINE (100 mg) - Rutaecarpine is a component of the evodia rutaecarpa fruit, and it has the ability to bind to caffeine and remove it from your bloodstream.(35-38) Since caffeine has a 6-hour half-life - possibly even longer depending on your metabolism and genetics - your sleep may be getting affected more than you realize.

With 100 mg of Rutaecarpine, you can be sure that you’re clearing your system of any caffeine before you hit the hay.

100% Research-Backed Ingredients In Every Serving. See For Yourself.

The ingredients in SLEEP are all 100% backed by science and research. We share all the research we use to base our formulas on, as well... See for yourself here.