Kino Belt - Best In Class Dip Belt

  • THE BEST BELT FOR DIPS AND PULLUPS: The Kino Belt was designed for one purpose, to be the most functional, durable, and accommodating belt on the market. Most belts have short cheap chains, difficult attachment points, and the material rips and breaks under heavy pressure. Not ideal for those looking to build powerful strength and muscle. Not to mention poorly designed belts also leave you unbalanced which can inhibit your targeted muscle group and leave you at risk for injury..
  • NO CHAINS OR CHEAP MATERIALS: The Kino Belt uses military grade banded nylon to securely, and safely hang weight to your desired preference. No more ripping out leg hairs and leaving your groin open to get snagged by a chain.
  • FRONT LOCKING WAIST CLIP FOR COMFORTABLE AND SAFE FIT: The Kino Belt was designed with serious lifters in mind to mitigate injury and provide the most bodybuilding friendly experience on the market. The easy to use front hooking rings allow for seamless changes in weight distribution. The padded support and front clip allows for balanced weight distribution and secure support throughout your exercise, even at immense weights.
  • CAN HOLD UPWARDS OF 800 POUNDS: The Kino Belt was designed to handle even the most rigorous use and can hold upwards of 800 pounds. Furthermore it is made from extremely lightweight and durable banded nylon so that you may purchase in complete confidence that what you buy will last a very long time.

The KinoBelt is designed for comfort, function, and durability - even during heavy lifting. An interior foam lining combines with a breathable mesh material on the exterior of the belt to give you added padding against heavier weights. A front-fastening design keeps the belt securely in place so you can focus on your lifts rather than keeping a belt in place. In short, this belt is the ultimate tool for weighted pull-ups and dips.

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United States

Kino Belt

Amazing quality and super comfortable. In my opinion the most comfortable dip belt on the market.

John M.
United States

Kino Belt.

Most comfortable belt I’ve used. Very easily functional as well.

United States

Love it

Holds the weight well

Andrew K.


I've used so many belts before, this is literally by far the best ever. It's not even comparable.

George M.
United States

No Pish Posh

I'm really loving this dip belt! I was holding weights between my legs before and started lifting heavier and really needed a belt. It is comfortable and easy to use. I love it!

The Kino Belt Is The Most Functional, Durable, And Lightweight Belt On The Market.

After years and years of doing weighted dips and pull-ups that most belts are uncomfortable, made of poor quality, and only meant to do the bare minimum. Not to mention they are a hassle to use for a number of reasons such as:

- They have short cheap chains that grind against you putting your manhood on the line
- They have difficult attachment points that leave you unbalanced and at risk for injury the entire exercise
- The material tears and does not last very long
- And most importantly, most belts cannot withstand a lot of weight

That's not ideal for us here at Kinobody. We know that to build an incredible physique, we need to become very powerful.

The Kino Belt exceeds at helping you do that.

Aids You With Building and Preserving Muscle With The Following Programs: