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Kino Belt - Best In Class Dip Belt

Limited Supply Expected late July

The KinoBelt is designed for comfort, function, and durability - even during heavy lifting. An interior foam lining combines with a breathable mesh material on the exterior of the belt to give you added padding against heavier weights. A front-fastening design keeps the belt securely in place so you can focus on your lifts rather than keeping a belt in place. In short, this belt is the ultimate tool for weighted pull-ups and dips.

The Kino Belt Is The Most Functional, Durable, And Lightweight Belt On The Market.

After years and years of doing weighted dips and pull-ups that most belts are uncomfortable, made of poor quality, and only meant to do the bare minimum. Not to mention they are a hassle to use for a number of reasons such as:

- They have short cheap chains that grind against you putting your manhood on the line
- They have difficult attachment points that leave you unbalanced and at risk for injury the entire exercise
- The material tears and does not last very long
- And most importantly, most belts cannot withstand a lot of weight

That's not ideal for us here at Kinobody. We know that to build an incredible physique, we need to become very powerful.

The Kino Belt exceeds at helping you do that.

Aids You With Building and Preserving Muscle With The Following Programs:

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